About Pearson's Nursery

Lionel and Margaret Pearson developed a stall by selling cuttings in the front of their residential cottage in 1996. Lionel and Margaret engaged with John and Marina Clements, whom at the time were operating their own wholesale nursery that supplied plants to Bunnings, Kmart Garden Centres, Target Garden Centres, Poynton’s of Essendon, Melbourne Botanic Gardens and many more nurseries around Victoria. This being the commencement of supply to Lionel and Margaret with plants for their retail store. As years went by and the relationship grew, one day in 2001 Lionel approached the Clements residents and announced it was time to sell. At the time, the nursery was called ‘Allansford Nursery’ however, John and Marina renamed it ‘Pearson’s Nursery’ in honour of Lionel and Margert Pearson. A fitting tribute to the founders. Since 2001 the business has taken leaps and bounds with John and Marina purchasing a nursery in French Street Hamilton, where they created a lifetime client base. Then opening a third location in Main Road, Ballarat. Then onto a fourth location in Warrnambool. This took their business to a whole new level. It all became a heavy workload for the young family so the decision was made to sell the other stores except Allansford and return home to where it all began.

John and Marina had three children growing up in the horticulture industry, with their two daughters engaging in different aspects of the business. With a passion for production and the science of plants, Michaella completed an apprenticeship in horticulture where she proceeded to win the apprentice of the year for the whole of Victoria. Their youngest daughter Phoebe took on gardening design at the age of 15. Phoebe has been featured in magazines and has worked on portfolios all over Australia. The business continued to grow for the Pearson’s family in the heart of Allansford. The family had time to create the most unique retail nursery experience for their customers by solely focusing on the Allansford nursery. The family have evolved and invested into a new challenge with an overnight idea their daughter came up with – opening a large indoor plant store, taking the family into the CBD of Warrnambool with Fiddle & Fern Road, founded in 2018.


Our plant nursery, located in Allansford, Victoria, offers an amazing selection of plants and various gardening products and garden decors. And, just a few minutes’ drive away is our indoor plant nursery in Warrnambool offering a wide range of plants for your home and beautiful pots. Pearson’s Nursery also offers expert garden consulting and landscaping services.

Browse our selection of plants and order online or visit our plant nurseries in Allansford and Warrnambool.