Green Life Production

Wholesale Green Life Production nursery

Pearson’s wholesale Green Life Production Nursery is just two hundred metres from their retail site set on over 5 acres and has been growing and operating since 1996. Green Life Production Nursery produces chemical free seedlings, potted colour, ornamental trees, roses, fruit trees and advanced plants, all climate ready and grown to quality standards. Pearson’s Nursery wholesale quality grown plants are distributed to retail family-owned nurseries and garden centres throughout Australia, including local councils and shires, as well as growing beautiful quality plants for their own retail store.

This is an exceptional addition to the retail as Green Life Productions is able to grow plants that are hard to source in the industry, as well as trial and release new lines and continue to fulfill the retail with classic lines that have been overpowered by new products. Pearson’s have a talented production team from a graftsman to a leading award-winning horticulturist, giving them the diversity to cover almost all facets of horticulture.

The heart of Pearson’s Nursery is based on our principles in which we pride ourselves on giving exceptional customer service, care and our love for horticulture and everything gardening.