Conifer and cypruss plants

Visit us in the nursery, just out of Warrnambool in the heart of Allansford

Conifers are one of Pearson’s most independent slow growing plants, with an impeccable collection, stocking varieties year-round. Accommodating for the sustainable gardener. Share the opportunity to add structure to the garden and bring it to life with the wide range of greenery that Pearson’s Nursery, just out of Warrnambool has to offer. Commonly used for planters either side of entrances or a narrow area or statement trees in a large garden.

To browse our collection of confiers and cypruss plants visit us at the nursery today or give us a call to see what we have in stock. We also provide a wide range of cottage plants and citrus and berry trees.

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  • Glaucous Pencil Pine 8″ (Cupressus Sempervirens Glauca)

  • Leightons Green 8″ (Cupressocyparis)