Hedges & shrubs

Located just outside of Warrnambool in the heart of Allansford

Instant effect can be created with plant varieties available in Pearson’s Nursery’s hedging and shrubs range for that instant gap filler or privacy required for your property. An extensive selection of shrubs and hedges is readily available for your requirements. Lilley Pillies, Rhaphiolepsis, Pittosporums, Hebe’s and Magnolias are among some of the most popular in the nursery.

Pearson’s horticultural team are tailored to assist with plant selection that best suits your location whether that may be frost, salt, wind, dry or water, they will provide professional advice upon the purchases of your green life.

Sound interesting? Contact us or visit the plant nursery today to learn more about hedges, box hedges, shrubs and products currently available. If you are looking for indoor plants and native trees, we have also got you covered.

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  • Backyard Bliss Lilly Pilly 8″ (Syzgium Australias)

  • Golf Ball 6″ (Pittosporum Tenuifolium)

  • Magnolia Little Gem 8″

  • Olive Tolleys Upright 8″ (Olea europaea)

  • Pittosporum Screen Master 6″

  • Portugese Laurel 10″ (Prunus Lusitanica)

  • Portugese Laurel 6″ (Prunus lusitanica)

  • Teddy Bear Magnolia (Magnolia Grandiflora Southern Charm)