Bare root trees

7 minutes from the heart of Warrnambool in Allansford

Pearson’s Nursery is known for its expansive range of bare rooted plants and trees. The signature of quality bare rooted ornamental, flowering and fruiting trees to roses and berries. Since 1987, the company has been providing Australia with some of the best bare rooted varieties and ranges, going beyond the expectations of our customers. Bare rooted season commences at the end of May throughout the dormant season and closes at the end of August every year.

What is bare rooted?

Bare rooted is a season in the horticultural industry that allows the buyer to purchase deciduous products without their pot. This is during the dormant stage of the plants life and is a popular way to purchase varieties of deciduous trees including fruiting and ornamental along with roses, berries and grapes. This season allows you the opportunity to purchase products at a lower cost prior to potting with an exceptional variety in the winter.


Pearson’s Nursery just out of Warrnambool also stocks climbers & creepers and plant soil.

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