Climbing & creeper plants

Visit us in the nursery, just outside of Warrnambool in the heart of Allansford

Capture the effects of space with the use of climbers and creepers with intense colourings from the flowering to the foliage. The demand for green feature walls is increasing, creating timeless and effortless spaces with the use of nature.

In the nursery located in Allansford, just out of Warrnambool, you will be welcomed with fruiting vines, flowering/perfumed climbers and ornamental deciduous foliage displays. Add a new element to your property today with greener archways, walls and fences.

Pearson’s Nursery can also supply your compost and potting mix needs and conifer plants.

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  • Boston Ivy 6″ (Parthenocissos)

  • Japanese Honey Suckle (Lonicera Japonica)

  • Japanese White Wistecia 6″ (Westeria Floribunda)